Then, the purified cognac is poured to another vat and kept there until it gains the required degree. The House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria” possesses automated bottling lines made by the best producers of the world. Specialists of a chemical laboratory take samples from each barrel for testing before bottling. This is the laboratory that approves the bottling.

Our laboratory consists of 6 sectors, each working for each main workshop of production facilities, where we carry out an acceptance test of raw and auxiliary materials, half-finished and end products. For the quality control at the House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria” we use the best equipment and advanced control methods. But, undoubtedly, the most precise quality control is carried out by a special person, a master of degustation.

There are three main degustation rules. This is the evaluation of colour by inclining a snifter. We evaluate the colour to make sure that it corresponds to its standard sample – it should be of amber-goldish colour. Naturally, the other characteristic is the bouquet – cognac should have a varietal bouquet. The drink should have chocolate-floral-vanilla tint and mild, harmonious, well-balanced flavour.

The ready cognac is bottled at dosing machines, and the bottles are further corked up. Bottles and corks for many vintage and collection cognacs are specially manufactured in France. Then, the bottles with excise marks are moved to the warehouse of end products, where they are packed and further sent to the consumers.


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