Quality control of the production of cognac - home of vintage cognacs Tavriia

Quality control

 The control of quality of products and processes, as well as quality management measures are the most important components of the general management strategy at the House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria”, and all the staff pays sufficient attention to these activities. The principal quality control centres are a quality control laboratory, control and production laboratory, and controllers in workshops and at sites.

Applied products and processes are thoroughly controlled at all stages of the technological cycle:

  • Raw material quality control (sugar content, acidity, colour, flavour);
  • Water quality control;
  • Control of quality of auxiliary materials used (bottles, corks, boxes, chemicals);
  • Control of technological processes and products in the course of processing;
  • End product quality control.

To this end, the cutting-edge equipment and advanced control methods are applied. The staff involved in the quality control has appropriate qualification and is regularly trained at the certification authorities and Ukrainian Quality Agency. Thanks to the common efforts of the staff, it is possible to output the products with unique properties and features, which are positively noted by our consumers.

The company is certified according to quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and the food products safety management system ISO 22000:2005

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