Museum of the "Tavria"

Museum of  the"Tavria" - the story through the peoples lives

Not every enterprise can be proud of the acceptance of its own museum. House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" this opportunity has.

Created almost half a century ago, today the museum has become a superior area of  alive history, which introduces visitors to the unique beauty of the lower left bank of the Dnieper, with its unique nature, and most importantly, with the its part, which tells about the development of viticulture and winemaking of his native land, of the House of vintage cognacs "Tavria".

The main concept of the museum - showing the company's history through the fate of people standing at the origins of its creation. Here you will find answers to many questions: when and who carried out the first attempts at cultivation of vineyards and wine production in the area, why at the end of XIX century there were French-Swiss colonists winegrowers as they were able to perform a miracle on the sands, beat sandstorms create fertility oasis.

The museum has more than 6500 exhibits, there are five permanent exhibition halls, each of which has its direction: from the events of the Civil and the Great Patriotic War, to the unique finds and historically valuable exhibits winemaking. Particular attention is dedicated to the pioneers of viticulture Kherson region - the Swiss colonists, which not so long ago, little was known. Young visitors do not leave indifferent the exhibits, representing the flora, the fauna of the region, the spoils of war, objects of ancient household utensils, tools, showcases the unique "treasures."

Thus, the Museum of the"Tavria" is the starting point for a fascinating tour through the vineyards, on the enterprise itself, is preparing for an exciting mystery of each tasting, allowing open unrivaled taste and aroma of cognac House of vintage cognacs "Tavria".

Each new tour to the Museum of the "Tavria" - is improvisation, based on accurate data, findings that have great historical value.

It is known that the MQM "Tavria" is on the same parallel as the French town of Cognac worldwide. Ancient traditions, the hot sun and the best varieties of vines - these are the characteristic features of two well-known wine-producing areas - Tavria and French. This fact is proved time and the exhibits and materials collected in the museum - the best evidence. The atmosphere of antiquity, art, everyday objects - excites the imagination, happy, develops further the pursuit of knowledge.

Visit the museum and you will see for yourself!

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