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ТМ Tavria

ТМ Tavria Cognacs are well-known among the connoisseurs of this drink as cognacs of exceptionally high quality with rich 120-year old history.

ТМ Tavria – “… Reputation Aged by Time”.

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TM Borysfen

"Borysfen" is a popular brand which associated with the traditions and values that are passed from generation to generation, only slightly changing its shape and maintaining a consistently high inscape. This is a drink for people who appreciate the endurance and might!

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ТМ Jatone


TM Jatone (Jatone) was created as a tribute to the memory of the French-Swiss colonists, who had transformed the land of sandy storms into the viticulture centre since 1889, and the cognac is named in honour of one of them – Jan Jatone.

ТМ Jatone – Revival of the History

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ТМ "AleXX"


The first creative cognac in the fusion style. ТМ AleXX is the creation developed by selecting noble French and seasoned Tavria cognac spirits. As a result, this drink is different from traditional cognacs in a way that the XXI century generation differs from the preceding ones.

ТМ ALeXX – “The Taste of Adult Games”

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ТМ Askania

"Terroir is a place of origin" - says a well-known wine expert Hugh Johnson.
ASKANIA - the first authentic wine of Askanian terroir. Askanian terroir is: one of the most ecologically clean climate zones; clean soil; the favorable location of the vineyards and an organic environment.

TM Askania wine is a fully organic product and meets strict international requirements for ecologically clean production in accordance with ISO14023, as evidenced by the environmental certificate.

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ТМ "Askania"

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