The House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria” – here, we don’t just make, but create cognac.
    How one can elicit those inimitable notes, that perfect bouquet, those unforgettable sensations from cognac spirit, like from Stradivari’s violin, which make each sip unique, and the life - beautiful…
    Welcome to the House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria”!

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    Our Awards
  • 03/08

    HVC "Tavria" is an official partner of the agrarian forum-exhibition "AGROPORT2018"

    HVC "Tavria" is an official partner of the agrarian forum-exhibition "AGROPORT2018" During the event, our enterprise was awarded with the diploma "For the effectiveness of foreign trade policy"!

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  • The Company

    Here, the authentic vintage cognacs of Ukraine are produced. The words “authentic” and “vintage” are attributable only to those cognacs which were produced at an enterprise with a complete cognac production cycle – starting from the growing of own grapes, making of wine raw material, its further distillation into cognac spirits, subsequent aging in oak barrels for more than 6 years, and ultimate bottling.
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    Historical Background

    Since 1889
  • Wines

    Our Wines


    The House of Vintage Cognacs "Tavria" produces the following cognac brands: TM Tavria, TM Jatone, TM AleXX.

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  • Production

    The main feature distinguishing the cognac production at the House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria” is that here the grapes go through the complete cycle of a miraculous transformation from a grape berry into cognac, from grapevine to bottling. Few producers in and far beyond Ukraine can take pride in this!
    We produce over 20 types of ordinary and vintage cognacs.

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