Own raw material base of the House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria” equals 1,300 ha of vineyards. In this area more than 30 grape varieties are grown.

The enterprise territory is located in the area of Southern Ukrainian steppes. Millions of years ago this locality was an ancient riverbed of Dnieper.

Sandy, light and warm on top, these lands are saturated with nutrients and a variety of natural microelements. Therefore, the vine grown in this soil gives sufficiently aromatic grapes, from which the Tavria experts create high-quality drinks – noble cognac and light, flavoured, vivid wines.

Another soil type is light clay-loam, slightly alkalinized black soil. The grapes grown here are used to produce rich, and, as wine-makers say, full-bodied, round wine.

There is an interesting fact that geographically the vineyards of the House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria” are located on the 46th parallel, i.e. on the same geographic parallel with the world-renowned French city of Cognac in the Province of Charente, the home of the similarly-named noble drink.

The vineyards are situated in the environmentally pristine territory, all plantations are thoroughly controlled, and that makes it possible to output raw materials of high quality. With the purpose to intensify the viticulture, the specialists apply up-to-date, fully automated agricultural technologies – drip irrigation and phytomonitoring.

The enterprise uses own-rooted young grape plants, which are notable for their high resistance to diseases and high technical properties consistent with the European quality standards.

In addition, the specificity of local soil prevents the propagation of phylloxera – main grape vermin, and provides for stable grape harvests every year.

Only light-coloured grapes, subsequently used for cognac raw materials, are good for the production of cognac.

The grape growing procedure is rather laborious and time-consuming.

Here, the works are carried out all the year round– in winter we perform the cutting of vine, in spring – the green management, including dry tying-down, suckling, green tying, topping, nipping, and, naturally, cleaning-up.

In the vineyards territory the drip irrigation system is installed. It operates as follows: small portions of water are supplied directly to vine roots, thus watering not ground, but the vine itself. The system makes it possible to have invariably high yields, regardless of conditions of a year.

The period from the moment of planting and until fruit-bearing is 5 years.

Depending on a variety, a grape cluster may consist of 50-200 berries. The grapes are harvested manually, carefully picking a whole cluster, giving the warmth of hands to each grape berry. May be, this is exactly the secret of the cognac energy?

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