23 August 2013

Tavriyskie brandy in the country, where they drink mare's milk

For the first time in its history, production houses vintage cognacs went to Kazakhstan. In the middle of August 14 thousand bottles of brandy in the range taurian (Zhaton, Borisfen, George Knight) were sent to Almaty (Kazakhstan) "Kazakhstan is of great interest to us, because it is - one of the leading countries of the CIS in terms of trade in...

22 August 2013

In the House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" met the first "boat" grapes

In the vineyards House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" started harvesting: 16 August Tavria tenants, armed shears, took to the land, the first boat with grapes close-knit procession followed by the processing plant, harvest promises to be a record. The first in the caring hands of Novokakhovsky growers get early varieties of grapes: "Muscat Odessa",...

09 July 2013

Cognac PJSC "House of vintage cognacs" Tavria" "Borisfen" 5 stars - the best cognac year

"Borisfen" 5 stars won the award for "Best Brandy of the Year" by the jury of the International Competition of wine products "Yalta. Golden Gryphon 2013", which took place in the Crimea from 30th June to 7th July at the National Institutes of "Magaraci". 34th in a row celebration of sun and wine, as the contest organizers called themselves,...

09 July 2013

Director of PJSC "House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" Vitaliy Koshelev was awarded a gold medal Lev Golitsyn

A gold medal and a diploma of honor for his outstanding contributions and many years of fruitful work for the development of winemaking Vitaly awarded on July 2 at the opening of the 34th International Competition "Yalta. Golden Griffin - 2013". The decision to award the Union adopted winemakers Crimea. The very same position on the gold medal...

18 June 2013

"George Knight" with bronze from London

In June 2013 production houses vintage cognacs "Tavria" newly conquered Albion. Vintage 8-year-old cognac taurian winemakers "George Knight" (CW) on one of the most prestigious and largest representative of alcoholic competitions of the world - «International Spirits Challenge» (London, UK) - won the bronze medal. In 2013, this is...

17 June 2013

Hennessy and Martell against Tavria. Clash of the Titans

Centre of Expertise "Test" conducted a comparative test of the two most well-known brands of cognac France, on the classification of exposure VS and V.S.O.P. and the most famous Ukrainian representative with the same classification - Houses vintage cognacs "Tavria". According to the experts all the tested brand organoleptic qualities were highly...

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