New infomercial " Plum pleasure Japan" from TM «NAOMI»

New infomercial " Plum pleasure Japan" from TM «NAOMI»

On April 14, 2014 House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" introduced a new movie " Plum pleasure Japan" from TM «NAOMI», which reveals more facets idea that branding stunts can not replace the most important thing in wine - its quality and naturalness . The concept lies in the transfer roller emotions of pleasure and enjoyment of exotic taste of plum wine.


"A truly delicious wine should look beautiful. And we, perhaps, unable to find the perfect shape for «NAOMI», - says Irina Mironova, brand manager of TM «NAOMI».

Stylish and original bottle will not only allow Tokio immediately see your favorite drink on the shelf, but will retain all the taste of plum wine. A stylish Japanese label possible way to reduce the plum delight Japan.

"Choice and coordination scenario for us was important and lengthy stage production of this infomercial. We have worked out various options for places and circumstances in which it was possible to bring the charm of wine. But, as the filtering of ideas, we found that all of the options , is still the most intimate and interesting topic of Japanese consumers remains exotic charm and plum"- explained Irina Mironova .

So decided on the concept of "Umbrella" - European girl face close-up. On its face applied stylized Japanese makeup. In the hand sink. Incision plum closeup. By slowly dripping flesh prune juice . Girl puts a drain to his face and inhaled her scent. Bright umbrella unwinding raises a whirlwind of petals plum, born out of the cycle and the bottle label NAOMI.

Creative team :

MQM "Tavria"

Irina Mironova, brand manager of TM «NAOMI»


Creative concept : FMCG branding «Wings»

Production: 2332 Films

Igor Stekolenko - director

Post-production : Tilt


The new roller TM «NAOMI» is part of a large-scale advertising campaign in Ukraine in April 2014 Support brand «NAOMI» carried out an advertising campaign on TV and the Web.

Promotional video available on YouTube at the corporate channel NAOMI:


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