NAOMI only two days in Vilnius

NAOMI only two days in Vilnius

May 23 and 24 PAT "House of vintage cognacs " Tavria "took part in the largest wine exhibition in the Baltics « Vyno Dienos », which is held for the tenth time in Vilnius (Lithuania) in the center of contemporary art (Vokiečių street 2 , Vilnius).

Visitors will find numerous events and grown twice the number of participants who submitted the highest category of wine and other beverages.

Nedilko Vyacheslav , director of export sales Houses vintage cognacs "Tavria" said: "The market is the Baltic for us undoubted interest. Consumer preferences in alcohol clearly highlights the potential direction of wine - especially niche fruit wines . Baltics not have its own wine , and demand for wine is growing annually by 15-20%. Because we present today our innovative product TM NAOMI . It is a traditional Japanese appetizer , which is characterized by fresh aroma of plums and plum with hints of almond seeds . Refined taste with a long and pleasant aftertaste combines the balance of sweetness , acidity and bright light flavor. And, most importantly , that consumers appreciate the world - high quality, natural ingredients and all the classic cooking technique ".

Especially for visitors who are looking for an exotic touch to the world of wine tasting was organized a series of TM NAOMI . Guests were able to tasting , enjoy delicious white and red plum wine , the distinguishing feature is the fact that it is composed of varietal wine materials . They define a high quality product. The entire line of wines TM NAOMI prepared by classical technology of modern Italian equipment . Included in the blend of natural drink prune juice and plum extract , contain the maximum amount of useful for the natural minerals.

Wine Exhibition «Vyno Dienos» - is a feast of wine on the Baltic coast , which attracts about 4,000 visitors. Its products are presented by more than fifty participants from Lithuania , France, Portugal , Romania, Georgia , Russia and Italy for professionals and amateurs .

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