Moldova commended Tavriysky brandy

Moldova commended Tavriysky brandy

 At the IV International Competition cognac «KVINT 2012" in Tiraspol, cognac houses vintage cognacs "Tavria" named one of the best.

The competition was held on September 28-29 to celebrate 115-year anniversary of the Tiraspol Wine & Brandy «KVINT». The assets taurian winemakers as five medals. Of them - three gold: for cognac in Ukraine - branded "Kakhovka Suite" (9 years), exclusive collection cognacs "Kherson" (15 years) and "Imperial" (25 years), and two silver - for ordinary brandy - "Tavria" VS and JATONE VOSP.

In addition, all of the above cognacs MQM "Tavria" received diplomas for the best appearance of the product.

It is encouraging that one of the cups Grand Prix «KVINT 2012" this year won the Ukrainian cognac "Macedonian" (30). The highest award - the Grand Prix awarded as brandy, "Sarajishvili Jubilee" (70 years), Georgia, Divin (cognac) «Prezident» (50), Moldova, cognac "Prince Wittgenstein" (50 years), Transnistria, and " Buckeye "(30 years), and Kyrgyzstan.

In the contest was attended by 12 companies from seven producing countries: Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia (Dagestan), Moldova, the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic and Ukraine. Grand Prix cups, gold and silver medals were awarded to 68 samples of cognac.

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