Michel Jacques Road: Taurus cognacs - Ukrainian soul treasure

Michel Jacques Road: Taurus cognacs - Ukrainian soul treasure

 This is known winemaker and collector of the world-famous author of the book "100 vintage treasures: from the best cellars in the world," confessed after a visit to the House of vintage cognacs "Tavria". May 31 and June 1 in the delegation of the European wine experts, Mr. highway visited the company with a noble mission - to see all the details of creating Ukrainian cognacs and select a collection of the best examples of its taurian cognacs.



With him home vintage cognacs "Tavria" visited wine experts and journalists: the winemaker from Burgundy, the Eris Rousseau, director of one of the most prestigious wine magazines in France "Revue du Vin de France" - Denis Saverot, photographer editions - Baptiste Charbonnel.

Taurian treasure trove of vintage cognacs will be welcomed as guests of the UK: the owner of one of the largest wine (and not only) bonded warehouses in London and Manchester - Sebastian Riley-Smith. Directed and wine journalist who makes films about the largest distilleries and châteaux in the world, he willingly came to DMKT in search of new discoveries. The same concern has led to the "Tavria" and the director of the office of the Crimean winery "Massandra" in the UK Sergey Foster.



Imbued with the history of the company in the museum MQM "Tavria", distinguished guests went to the vineyards. To see such a large-scale and well-maintained plantations of perennial plants for them was a real surprise. And the fact that due to the unique composition of soils, vineyards Tavria long been aware of this problem, as phylloxera, wine connoisseurs led to an absolute delight. All because Europe and now can not cope with a plague called "phylloxera".




Do not leave indifferent the delegates and the important point that all the vineyards Houses vintage cognacs "Tavria" (1344 ha.) Under drip irrigation, and quality controlled by advanced technology plants (phyto-monitoring).




The complete cycle of cognac production by classical technology - another fact which has pleasantly surprised the experts from Europe.


- Up to this point I could not even imagine that in Ukraine there are companies that can produce products of high quality, with a classical approach based on the creation of cognac - admitted Michel Jacques highway after visiting all production sectors.

Guests learned how to "Tavria" are Cognacs and saw where mature spirits and brandies rest, visited the bottling of finished products and, of course, tasted the best examples.

As one noted the high quality taurian cognacs and expressed their conviction: the production of the "Tavria" deserves to be recognized for her European consumer.

- A great achievement for us, what the French call a Ukrainian product brandy - said chairman of the board of directors of the corporation "First National Winemaking Holding" Valery Shamotiy.



Particularly impressed by experienced masters collectible vintage cognacs "Tavria": "Askaniya", "Dnipro", "Kherson" Imperial ", and brandy, a 45-year exposure that was made a long time worked by experienced technologists businesses, the experts in line with the the best French cognacs. It is this crown of creation MQM "Tavria" Michel Jacques highway intends to include in his book "100 vintage treasures: from the best cellars in the world," the Russian-language version, which, with the direct support of FNWH, will be released in the near future.




- Arrival in New Kahovka experts said such a high level that the company is worthy to be among the best examples of European wine culture - the director DMKT Vitaliy Koshelev. - This is our contribution to the culture of noble drinks consumption.




By the way, during the tasting of all, without exception, experts delighted special taste and aroma of cognac collector "Askaniya".


Feel and compare the presence of unrivaled bouquet of steppe grasses inherent in the product, the delegates were able to June 1 by visiting the Biosphere Reserve "Askania Nova". From this trip, from the company and from the cognac with a true Ukrainian soul left the best impressions and emotions, they admitted.

And it, well worth it.

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