Borisfen - the best Ukrainian cognac

Borisfen - the best Ukrainian cognac

 "Institute of Consumer Expertise " analyzed three-star cognac local production - the most popular brands in Ukraine three-year aging .




Choice of cheap brandy "three stars" in the market is quite wide , so went to the lab 's most famous brands - " Pasha ", " Shabsky ", " Borisfen ", " Ai-Petri ", " Jean-Jacques " and " Greenwich" , who purchased in commercial networks . Tasting was held behind closed doors : the experts do not know any names, either producers or brands of products.

Studies were conducted complex physico-chemical parameters , to determine from what made ​​the experimental alcohol drinks. Examining cognac determination of mass concentration of higher alcohols, esters , aldehydes and methyl alcohol , experts gave unequivocal conclusion - all tested cognacs are really made from a special grape brandy alcohol .

Another important factor for any of the amber beverage is its exposure, ie the amount of time spent in cognac barrels , picking up the aroma and taste . Analysis showed - really a three-year test cognacs , checking for exposure withstood all .

The most interesting element is the study of spirits tasting. And here the results were not as rosy. Half of the samples received from tasters " red cards " - a very low marks for taste and bouquet. These three were pronounced TM alcohol- fusel flavor , sharp and pungent taste. The result - obtained scores were below the norm .

Best cognac all indicators rated " excellent " was brandy "Borisfen " from the House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" , who scored the highest number of points. Kakhovske cognac Masters of knowingly esteemed consumers - high production standards and strict adherence to the recipe , plus their own vineyards give fruit.

Judging by the results of the research , it can be assumed that even in the segment of cheap brandy is a kind of division between " normal" and "elite" . And it is likely caused by technology and manufacturing traditions , but not price. After test winner cognac "Borisfen " was one of the most inexpensive cost . Bottle produced in the House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" , worth Rs 38.92 at retail .  While its counterparts who did not receive high marks for 10-15 % more expensive.

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