Another batch of MQM cognacs "Tavria" appeared on the shelves of Kazakhstan

Another batch of MQM cognacs "Tavria" appeared on the shelves of Kazakhstan

House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" increasing its supply their cognacs in Kazakhstan. Confirmation is the fact that in May 2014 another batch of "noble drink" from taurian cognac craftsmen recently successfully passed the customs clearance and went on sale in the Kazakh commercial networks.

This indicates full compliance and quality, labeling and DMK "Tavria" Technical Regulations "On the safety of alcoholic beverages" Customs Union and the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

Therefore , expected from 1 June limitations in terms of import and sale in the country of alcohol products from Ukraine, Italy, France, Scotland , Russia , Belarus and other countries of the MQM cognacs "Tavria" will not touch . This conviction and the Kazakh side, which continues to invest in the development and expansion of the brand Tavrian its representation in the territory of Kazakhstan.

Management of the company distributor from Almaty confident that the current supply of brandy in 2014 Ukraine to Kazakhstan will increase by several times.

Pleased to note that the share of exports Houses vintage cognacs "Tavria" increases from year to year, and are pleased that the share and collection brandies increases significantly, and this suggests the formation of Ukrainian cognacs circle of connoisseurs .

For example, on the basis of growth in 2013 exports amounted to 352 % DMKT.


Countries to which exported Tavria cognac today is : United States, Estonia, Israel, Spain, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Israel, Kazakhstan, Italy, Belarus, Uzbekistan.

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