An updated classic cognac Tavria - "Borisfen"

An updated classic cognac Tavria - "Borisfen"

 In May, the House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" will present an updated collection of popular brandy "Borisfen."

Ordinary cognac Tavria "Borisfen" - Brandy classic for true connoisseurs of the drink. Widely known as the cognac of exceptionally high quality. This line is designed for consumers who appreciate the flavor and aroma of this particular drink.

"Paying tribute to tradition, the House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" is in step with the times. Therefore, on the one hand, this classic ordinary brandies TM "Tavria", which will satisfy the most demanding customer requirements. On the other hand, the "Tavria Borisfen" - is a legend in the new form. Borisfen - ancient Greek name of the Dnipro River, on the shore, which, in New Kakhovka, our company is located. Hence, there was such a name. Previously, brandy "Borisfen" there were only 4 years of aging. Now we have added a 3-and 5-year sample and updated appearance "- says Pavel Nikitin, director of marketing for the House of vintage cognacs "Tavria".

Cognac brand "Borisfen" cognac is made from high quality. After a double distillation, brandy is aged in oak barrels. Cognac brand "Borisfen" will be available in bottles of 0.5 liters. It has a fortress - 40%. The cost of a bottle - from 33.08 USD. Prices remain in a familiar framework for the ordinary Tavria cognac.

The novelty consists of three SKUs - brandy five, four and three years of exposure.



Brandy has a five-year holding gilded amber color, the bouquet is recognizable tones of fresh grapes, flowers, vanilla and light spice of spices, it tastes sweet, delicate, perfectly balanced, with notes of milk chocolate, red apple and vanilla.




A four-year "Borisfen" golden-amber color with a subtle, light flavor of grapes and tones of wood and vanilla. Smooth and mild flavor with hints of dried fruits.


The three-year cognac is light amber, golden color, tone, light tones in the bouquet of fresh grapes, and bright, well-balanced fruity taste with a hint of wood.

Time-honored taste of Tavria "Borisphen" is now presented in an updated appearance.

Meet, Tavria "Borisfen."

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