Africa selects "Tavria"

Africa selects "Tavria"

House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" started supplying to the African continent . In late May, the first batch taurian cognac brands "Jatone " and " Premium Tavria " went to Nigeria. 





  In mid- 2012 specialists Houses vintage cognacs "Tavria" began negotiations with the firm from Nigeria «Denclass Global Ltd». Quality cognacs taurian and impeccable reputation Ukrainian enterprises produced an impression, and at the beginning of this year, African partners have signed the contract and agreed to the shipment of the first batch of cognac .

  "Our strategy - not just bring cognacs "Tavria" the Nigeria market , but mainly to gain the trust of the consumer. Populous Nigeria - the largest country in Africa and the territory ranks 14th on the continent "- said the director of the House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" Vitaliy Koshelev .

  Cognac market in Nigeria in the last decade developing and becoming dynamic sector of the food market . In the early 2000s , all of the African countries , cognac and brandy were popular only in South Africa, but now the situation has changed radically.



  Today Nigeria is the second (after China), the fastest growing market in the world, and the alcohol market share here in the last few years has increased several times .



  Currently on the market there are about 100 brands of spirits , and judging by the reviews Nigerian side , PJSC "House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" has all the chances to win a niche .

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