The leader of the nominations «BEST DRINK '2013" was the home of vintage cognacs "Tavria"

The leader of the nominations «BEST DRINK '2013" was the home of vintage cognacs "Tavria"

 Fourth International Beverage Tasting Competition «BEST DRINK '2013", held May 29, 2013 in the exhibition center "ACCO International" Kiev brought to the House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" eight locations leader in the categories of the competition.


Total tasters tested 58 samples of products from 21 companies. Were presented to all beverage categories. For the first time in the competition were announced plum wine beverages «NAOMI white plum" and «NAOMI red plum." Each of the participants sought to demonstrate the quality of the products and find the evaluators.

The experts all drinks tasted "blind" under the codes, ie Commission members did not know either the name or manufacturer of the product.

Competition «Best Drink» once again confirmed the high status of one of the largest producers of cognac industry of Ukraine, with the full cycle of production houses vintage cognacs "Tavria".

For tasting wines and brandies were submitted 26 samples from manufacturers in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

Among them, the absolute leader for production houses vintage cognacs "Tavria":



• First place in the "softness of taste" got Cognac Ukraine ordinary "Borisfen" 3 *. This three-year cognac has a light amber, golden color, has light tones of fresh grapes in a bunch, and bright, harmonious fruity taste with a hint of wood. The time-tested taste Tavrian "Boristhen" is now presented in an updated appearance.



• First place in the "Loyalty to tradition" has received Cognac Ukraine ordinary "Tavria» VS - a mild and delicate flavor with slight tones of fresh grapes. The taste is bright, harmonious, fruity with a hint of wood.



• Second place in the nomination "The softness of taste" got Cognac Ukraine ordinary "George" 3 * - the classic cognac, aged in oak barrels for at least three years. The drink - a vibrant mix of brandy inherent rigor, while at the same time refined softness taurian cognac.



• First place in the "reference quality" received Cognac Ukraine ordinary "George" 5 *, which developed from cognac middle age 5 years. This is truly a beautiful cognac. It is harmonious, has a full, smooth taste and a dark golden color with a touch of sun glint.



• First place in the "Nobility of taste" got Cognac Ukraine ordinary "Tavria» VSOP - has a complex bouquet with fruity notes of fresh grapes, flowers, vanilla and light spice spices. Delicate, refined, well-balanced flavor with notes of milk chocolate, red apple and vanilla.



• First place in the category "Best Cognac bouquet" was branded cognac Cognac Ukraine "Tavria» XO - vintage cognac, a blend that includes Cognacs aged for a minimum of 9 years. It has a magnificent bouquet - a combination of flavors of oak, orange, chocolate and vanilla. The rich flavor of dried apples, prunes, honey and floral flavor and mild spices, giving a sense of spicy bitterness.



• First place in the "quality stability" received a drink white wine «NAOMI white plum" - prepared from natural varietal white wine Rkatsitelli with the addition of plum extract. Has a light straw color. Taste delicious drink is characterized by a combination of gamma fragrant aromas of plum, interwoven with unique shades of almond seeds. Mild flavor fascinates subtle sweetness and a long, pleasant finish. It is recommended to use at a temperature of 14 0 C to +16 0 C, as an aperitif or a dessert wine.

• First place in the "Creative taste" got drink red wine «NAOMI red plum" - made from natural varietal red wines Merlot, Cabernet, Bastardo with the addition of plum extract. Has a noble ruby ​​color. Filled with a delicate aroma of ripe plums with a touch of almond. Harmonious, rounded, slightly velvety taste, amazing special refinement and elegant finish.

Experts praised the quality of all beverages Houses vintage cognacs "Tavria" especially liked the plum drink «NAOMI». This new wine, which has no analogues among the Slavic wines. The product is a traditional Japanese appetizer and wine belongs to the sub-category - plum wine. The key difference from fruit wines, is that TM «NAOMI» - grape wine, which is used in the production of plum.


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