The cognacs "Tavria" and " Borysfen " became the first organic cognacs in Ukraine

The cognacs "Tavria" and " Borysfen " became the first organic cognacs in Ukraine

House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" has received an official certificate confirming that the cognacs produced by our company are fully organic products and respond the strictest international requirements for environmentally friendly products according to ISO 14024.

It is no coincidence that the "Tavria" products became the first eco-cognacs of Ukraine. The company owns the country's largest wine-producing land, located in the close proximity of the planet's ecological pearls - "Askaniya Nova" Reserve - in the purest region of Ukraine. The grapes used for the production of cognac are matured naturally and the neighborship with World Natural Heritage by UNESCO makes it impossible to use fertilizers and other chemicals for the land cultivation and care of the grapevine adverse. Cognacs produced by classical technology, known since the XVII century - without the use of any chemical additives, artificial flavorings and colorings.

Young wine from fresh just harvested grapes is twice distilled in traditional "Charentais cubes", and the obtained cognac spirit is aging for years in barrels made of oak, harvested in an ecologically clean regions of France, North America and Transcarpathian region.

The ecological certificate assigned to cognacs "Tavria" and "Borysfen" was another proof of the mastership of the best Ukrainian producers and their respect for the consumer. The art of creating great cognacs requires special care in the elaboration of every detail.

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