“Jatone” Cognac revives the spirit of Middle Ages at the Medieval Khotin Festival

“Jatone” Cognac revives the spirit of Middle Ages at the Medieval Khotin Festival

“Jatone” – the Cognac of Ukraine – becomes the official sponsor of the First International Festival called Medieval Khotin, which is held in the territory of Khotin Fortress within the framework of the Battle of Nations Project.

From April 29 to May 2, 2012, the medieval castle of the town of Khotin in Chernovtsy Region will fully dip into the atmosphere of Middle Ages again.

Much like during the World Championship in Historical Medieval Fight – 2011 Battle of Nations, this year the Khotin Fortress will travel several centuries back to the times of mass tilting yards and spear running.

We can confidently state that Ukraine has become one of the centres for a new cultural trend formation – the historical reconstruction. Our contemporaries enthusiastically take an interest in the customs and medieval way of life, authentic medieval armour and weapons, historical clothes.

This year, the competitions promise to be far more spectacular – in addition to full-contact foot competitions there will be horsed titling matches.

Behind the high fortress walls the reality of those rough times will be reconstructed. The mass battles will be held between combined armies of the Eastern European states.

Here, we will choose the best of the best among the reconstructors from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Poland. They are fighters of high class, who value not only the diversity of the programme, but also the historical atmosphere of the place where the Festival is held, in order to plunge into the atmosphere of the times of armour, courage, and heroic battles.

““Jatone” Cognac was named after the founder of the House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria” - Monsieur Jatone. The history of our enterprise started over 120 years ago, therefore the maintenance and revival of traditions are the priority tasks for us. We are sure that at the Medieval Khotin Festival the atmosphere of courage, self-mastery and chivalrous honour will bring all the participants back to the times of cognac invention. This fact is in harmony with our mission to keep and increase national wine-making traditions. Our cognacs will help you feel the taste of history”, Dmitry Geller, the brand-manager of ТМ Jatone, says.

The Festival includes a diverse programme: horsed tournament, true war, buhurts of different severity levels, spectacular battles using various arms, and an entertainment programme.

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