House vintage cognacs "Tavria" took part in the wine festival Wine Fest 2012

House vintage cognacs "Tavria" took part in the wine festival Wine Fest 2012

 From November 7 to 9 in the exhibition center "KyivExpoPlaza" hosted a wine festival Wine Fest. The wine festival was held for the second time and the House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" once again exhibited the best cognacs worthy of Ukraine.

Guests of honor at the second festival of wine became general director of the Kyiv International Contract Fair, Vladimir Ivanov, head of the department of horticulture, viticulture and wine-making of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Victor Kostenko, head of the Coordinating Council of the Ministry of Agriculture with winemakers Valery Shamotiy, director of the Ukrainian Bureau of Vine and Wine Igor Nicolin, president UBVV , winemaker Ivan Plachkov. They held the grand opening of the festival on Wednesday, November 7.

At the site of the festival gathered not only domestic and foreign representatives of the wine industry, but also experts, journalists, artists and ordinary consumers who are interested in the culture of consumption of wine and brandy. Many noted the prospect of wine festivals in Ukraine.

Genuine interest was home stand vintage cognacs "Tavria" an exposition of its rich product portfolio. Many visitors are surprised to found out about the stand that their favorite brand is produced in New Kakhovka, sincerely believing before, they drink French product. Taurian cognac tasting, held at the stand strengthen consumer confidence in the power of the Ukrainian product of winemaking. Many discovered the wonderful world of noble drink in a new, not previously familiar aspect.

It is the culture of consumption of wine and cognac in Ukraine and is dedicated to this festival. Another goal is to promote the domestic product in the domestic market and abroad. At the opening of the Festival Wine Fest leading specialists noted the high quality of Ukrainian wines, focused on the fact that domestic wines are still not well known in other countries, and on this issue need to work towards bringing together industry participants and to develop a common strategy to promote the brand " Ukrainian wine, "one of the milestones of which is WineFest, along with other festivals, such as ART Wine Fest, held in August, in Sebastopol.

It was also noted that any cultured, educated person should know a lot about the three things: good poetry, paintings and wine. No wonder the exhibition presents not only the production of wine and for its manufacture, package, label, and so on, but also paintings, souvenirs made of glass.

Many memorable scenes from wine corks, made his debut at the August festival.

Cork-Art - Formulation of cork. This direction is original and has no analogues in Europe.

Another aim of the festival was successfully achieved. Visibly stressed synthesis of wine with different types of art: painting, music, film, architecture and design.

Festival Wine Fest combined business, cultural and educational events, specialized exhibition of wine making, wine-growing, popular and professional tasting, cooking enogastronomicheskie show, entertainment shows, gallery Art Wine.

The educational classes "wine school" experienced sommeliers and restaurateurs share their experiences, about the culture of the use of wine and wine products. Resounding success enjoyed spectacular show from the head of the Cognac Club House vintage cognacs "Tavria" Seliverstova Ruslana. The very name of speech "French sip" speaks volumes. The participants were fascinated by wine expert colorful stories about the nuances of cognac culture. For a long time after the presentation of visitors already on the bench House vintage cognacs asked about cognac.

The festival is over, but the vivid memories will remind all the participants about the culture of wine to the next event of the winemakers of Ukraine.

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