House vintage cognacs "Tavria" Brandy was a favorite of the exhibition "PRODEXPO-2013" in Moscow

House vintage cognacs "Tavria" Brandy was a favorite of the exhibition "PRODEXPO-2013" in Moscow

Production Houses of vintage cognacs "Tavria" once again proved its leadership industry, taking top honors at the International Exhibition of food, beverages and raw materials for their production "PRODEXPO-2013", held in Moscow from 11 to 15 February.





"PRODEXPO" For the past twenty years has been the most prestigious and largest food forum of the world, who seek to enter the leading producers of the wine industry. This year, the exhibition presented their products more than 2200 companies from 63 countries. 100 000 square meters. meters of exhibition space in Moscow "Expocentre" forum guests were able to see 34 national expositions. The exhibition took place at the highest level with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow. The exhibition not only presents the latest developments in the wine industry, but also determines the direction of its future development. Thanks to highly composition expert forum can say with confidence that the results "PRODEXPO-2013" is a mirror reflection of the real situation on the market of the former Soviet Union.


According to experts of the international forum, production houses vintage cognacs "Tavria" matches leading European quality standards. Cognac is produced in New Kakhovka, not inferior to the taste the best French brands than have long earned a name for itself in the Russian market. It is therefore logical that the results "PRODEXPO-2013", House of vintage skates "Tavria" collected a full set of medals.


Three gold medals were awarded expert jury cognacs of Ukraine "Borysfen" 5 *, Jatone VS, «Tavriya» VSOP NAOMI novelty and wine red. Silver got brandies "Kakhovka Lux" and plum wine NAOMI white. Bronze was "Tavria» VS. The most prestigious award show star of "PRODEXPO" got - Brandy Ukraine AleXX Platinum, workmanship, created by the careful selection of precious and vintage taurian French cognac spirits. A bridge between the past and the future, emphasizing the continuity of tradition and connection with the modern lifestyle.


 "These awards have once again proved our strong position in the Russian market, and confirmed our status as the absolute leader among producers of cognac in Ukraine. "Tavria", as the oldest Cognac house of the country keeps its best traditions, while introducing the latest technology in manufacturing, "- said at a major conference of the alcohol market" AlkoKongress-2013 ", which took place during the exhibition, Corporation Chairman" First National Wine Holding ", which includes House of vintage cognacs" Tavria ", Valery Shamotiy.

Recall the results of last year's forum, "Tavria", like this time, brought an impressive set of awards.

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