House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" took part in the XXV International Agricultural Exhibition "Agro-2013"

House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" took part in the XXV International Agricultural Exhibition "Agro-2013"

 Agro-industrial potential of the wine industry's largest exhibition forum of Ukraine was represented by a separate pavilion "SVIT WINE", organized by the Department of Horticulture, Viticulture and winemaking Agriculture Ministry.


There were stands of the leading wine producers in our country. Inkerman Winery and House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" housed at a joint stand.

XXV International Agricultural Exhibition "Agro-2013" was held on 22-25 May at the National Complex "Expocentre of Ukraine". The exposition of the largest exhibition event in Ukraine agro ranked 9th pavilions and outdoor space. This year's event was attended by 1,224 participants from 17 countries, including Belarus, Denmark, India, Italy, China, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, the Czech Republic.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who opened the event, said that the agricultural sector in the context of the economic crisis, which demonstrates the growth in comparison to other sectors of the economy.

During his speech, the President stressed the need to pay constant attention to the socio-economic development of rural areas, provision of social standards and quality of life in rural areas.

Wineries in the mass, are major employers in their area. And Inkerman Winery and House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" are making a significant contribution to the development of the regions of Sevastopol and Kherson regions of viticulture.

"The representation of our companies at trade shows, involving producers of wine, is a powerful tool for strengthening the position of enterprises in the market, so we systematically develop a direction not only in Ukraine. More recently, we have taken part in the wine trade shows in Prowein 2013 in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2013 and Vinitaly in Verona, Italy, "said Anatoly Sokolyansky, Director of Public Relations Corporation" First National Winemaking Holding. "

According to attendees and exhibitors, among most other manufacturers, Tavriysk exposure favorably distinguished structuring the stand and presented a wide variety of products: wine and brandy in a full range, from the ordinary to the vintage, collectible.

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