House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" became the largest producers of Brandy in Ukraine

House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" became the largest producers of Brandy in Ukraine

By results of January 2015 in the Ukrainian market of brandy has a new leader. House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" made a record 58.7 th. deciliters of brandies. The closest competitor - PTK "Shabo" produced 31.4 ths. deciliters.

House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" is one of the few manufacturers in the country of a full cycle. The company has the largest wine-growing land in the country, located in the steppe zone of the South Black Sea coast. 1400 hectares of vineyards supported method of drip irrigation - similar to those used in Israel, but in a much larger area. The company develops a unique Askania terroir  (one of the three brandy terroirs in Ukraine) - land located in the vicinity of the planet's ecological gems - reserve "Askania Nova."

Production of "Tavria" was the first in Ukraine with organic brandy, received an international certificate of compliance with the strictest European requirements for eco-products. House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" is the largest domestic exporter of brandy to foreign countries. Only in 2014 the company released 20 new products, many of which have no analogues in Ukraine.

The company's products received numerous awards the most prestigious tasting competitions and exhibitions in the world. Not later, in February of this year, added to the list of awards the "Grand Prix" exhibition "ProdExpo" awarded unique collection brandy "Imperial" 25 years of aging. The title "Star of ProdExpo" awarded collection cognac "Kherson", an excerpt of which is 15 years.

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