Brandy House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" win 4 awards at the 2013 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco

Brandy House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" win 4 awards at the 2013 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco

 House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" - a key producer of Ukrainian cognacs, in late March, has won just four medals at the competition San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2013 in the United States.


From 21 to 24 March at Nikko, in downtown San Francisco (USA), a contest San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2013 and the results are impressive. International Tasting Competition in San Francisco, held annually since 2000 and is one of the most respected and influential among the producers of alcoholic beverages. The competition is in the top 10 of the most important competitions in the world of industry. This year's competition attracted more than 1,400 items of alcoholic drinks, which is a record for the entire 13-year history of the event. The report of the event, along with information about the winners will appear in the May issue of THE TASTING PANEL - most of Circulation and respected industry publication global alcohol industry.




"Tavria" is not the first time successfully taking part in this competition, presenting the best cognacs of Ukraine.

Drinks competition was evaluated by leading international experts, sommeliers restaurants and hotels, major buyers and consultants, leading industry journalists and the best bartenders in the world.

Evaluation of the samples is based on blind tastings by category for competitiveness, making this competition the most reputable and recognized in the industry.

Experts have appreciated not only high quality products Ukrainian House of vintage cognacs "Tavria", but their taste and originality.



















Silver Medal, Tavria VSOP

Silver medal, "Tavria» VSOP


Silver Medal, Tavria XO

Silver medal, "Tavria» XO


Bronze Medal, ASKANIA

The bronze medal, "Ascanius"


Bronze Medal, Georgievsky XO

The bronze medal, "George Knight» XO

 "These awards are one of the most venerable of the world competitions alcohol for the House of vintage cognacs" Tavria "was an endorsement of the work of many decades and several generations taurian masters at developing and improving the tradition of brandy. Recognition on the World Spirits Competition is the highest grade of these brandies, "says Valery Shamotiy, chairman of the board of directors of the corporation" First National Winemaking Holding. "

"Tavria» VSOP (Tavria VSOP) - has a complex bouquet with fruity notes of fresh grapes, flowers, vanilla and light spicy flavors. Delicate, refined, well-balanced flavor with notes of milk chocolate, red apple and vanilla.

"Tavria» XO (Tavria XO) - vintage cognac, a blend that includes Cognacs aged for a minimum of 9 years. It has a magnificent bouquet - a combination of flavors of oak, orange, chocolate and vanilla. The rich taste of dried apples, prunes, honey and floral flavor and mild spices, giving a sense of spicy bitterness.

The time-tested taste cognacs "Tavria" is now presented in an updated premium appearance.

"Askaniya» (Askania) - collection cognac, brandy that belongs to the elite of Ukraine delayed at least 10 years followed by a further delay of cognac in oak barrels for at least three years. It has a mild flavor with hints of almond and delightful bouquet with a ethereal-floral tones, combined with delicate aroma of wild flowers.

"George Knight» XO (Georgievsky XO) beautiful vintage cognac - harmonious, have a full, refined taste in which the candied fruit, almonds, spices appears gradually and dark golden color with a touch of sun spark. It felt wonderful aromas and tastes the classic noble drink.

Stable quality and high status of the present Ukrainian cognac producer in conjunction with loyalty to national traditions can be "Tavria" among the leaders of Ukrainian cognac market.

Recall that the collection cognac "Imperial", the pride of winemakers "Tavria", was awarded the Gold Medal at the 11th annual competition for San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2011.

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