At the height of spring field work in PJSC "DMC" Tavria "chose the best cutter grapes

At the height of spring field work in PJSC "DMC" Tavria "chose the best cutter grapes

 Homes at vineyards vintage cognacs "Tavria" hard at work. Start of spring field work Tavria growers began to trim grape.

At the same time, held a contest for the best cutter grapes.

Participants (there were 9) had 30 minutes to produce high quality and fast cutting of allotted land vineyard, as well as in the theoretical part of the competition to confirm their knowledge of basic care perennial.

The first prize of the contest on the number of points won Dmitry Popov.

The second result showed Vera Bilyk.

Third, in the opinion of the jury, was Nikolai Chuprina.

Prize and a diploma for the best quality crop was Tatiana Davidenko.

- The competition does not only help HR learn different techniques crop of grapes, but to a greater extent, enhances the prestige of the profession and the revival of viticulture as such. That is why it will be another good tradition in the company - the director of the MQM "Tavria" Vitaliy Koshelev.

In addition, as part of the spring sowing campaign specialists DMC "Tavria" already included repair and dry garter trellis vines. On the agenda - the application of herbicides and fertilizers in the soil, as well as repair of vineyards by replanting seedlings in areas damaged by frosts.

According to preliminary estimates of specialists DMC "Tavria" winter this year has been more moderate than in previous years. The only weather "force majeure" - sharp cooling (in some places - to -10 C) at the end of March. But this should not adversely affect the status of the vineyards, convinced MQM.

Today, our own raw material base PAO MQM "Tavria" is 1340 hectares of perennial plants.

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