Cognac club


The mission of the House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria” is to improve the culture of consumption of noble drinks, and the objective of the Cognac Club is the Ukrainian cognac popularization, as well as training the consumers how to select and “understand” cognacs.

Anybody interested in the cognac topic may become a member of the Cognac Club. For this, one should just fill out an application on our web-site to participate in the Club.

The Cognac Club meetings are held in many cities of Ukraine, and they are attended by the consumers and people involved in sales. In the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Cognac Club, the experienced Sommelier will tell you everything about the cognac, teach you how to select one, how to taste it correctly, and answer all your questions about wine-making and cognac production. The programme of the Club Meeting includes a cognac degustation, a stand-up meal, and a nice present for you.

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